Design of wills and inheritance contracts

The tailored design of wills and contracts of inheritance is the basis of every inheritance. Only when the will or succession contract is effective and clear, disputes among the heirs can be avoided.

In addition to the establishment of the heirs or the disinheritance of people, individual objects can be passed on through legacy. Within the heir, you can adjust by pitch arrangement who should get what object.

Depending on the circumstances the testators different measures have to be taken. If there are minors, it makes sense to take custody decisions. One can even think about an executorship, if entrepreneurial assets exist.

Husband like to fall back on the "Berliner Testament". However, this, too, can in individual cases not be desired, so that different formulations are necessary.

Wills or inheritance contracts are not irrevocable for all times and all cases, but not ordinary. Let us assist you in writing your last will and give you pieces of advice.


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