Inheritance and statutory inheritance entitlements

Relatives have a legal inheritance. Children, spouses and parents may also have a right to the compulsory portion, provided that they are disinherited.

This reserved portion secures these people a share of the estate, which normally can not be deprived of them. The compulsory portion shall have a right to payment of money against the heirs. The amount is determined by the legal succession, which would apply if the compulsory portion would not be disinherited. Half of the statutory right of inheritance is to be paid as a compulsory part.

Often the next of kin does not know what belongs to the inheritance and what are these objects value. Therefore, you are entitled to a right to information against the heirs. They may require that the heirs have set up a notarial directory where all the assets are listed. If the decedent has given away valuables close to death, these items must be stated, as the claim may also refer to it.

The enforcement of a compulsory portion claims is often difficult and can take a long time. Particularly in case of a legal disputes, you have to rely on expert assistance that we offer.


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