Heirs and inheritance disputes Community

If several persons jointly heir an inheritance they form a community of heirs. As long as this community exists, the heirs have to agree with the administration of the estate. This can lead to tension because different people may have different views on what is best for the participants. We represent your interests within the heritage community and ensure that the management is consistent with the statutory provisions.

Heritage communities are basically set out to be set apart. A heritage community is a random community. The inheritance disputes a lengthy process if the heirs do not agree. In case of need, any estate objects have to be sold, and then distribute the amount resulting from this among the heirs.

If individual heirs do not want to sell inheritance items, this must – if needed – be effected by force.

We enforce your claims for you. We ensure that this is effected in the most cost-effective manner. The ultimate goal is always the interest of the client.


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